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Terms and Conditions





Moscow international festival of social advertising LIME (further - Festival) aims at revealing new talented designers and advertisers, capable to suggest efficient solutions to curent social problems.

Festival is held to develop creative skills of future specialists in advertising, to increase the social activity of young people and also to educate them in a way of making social projects.

Not only advertising agencies but also students and schoolchildren can participate in the Festival.


National University Higher School of Economics

Laboratory of social advertising


RIA Novosti


   Increase the quality of social advertising and PSA.

   Suggest new decisions of social problems.

   Stimulate social activity of young people.

   Create conditions to participants to realize their own creative potential.

   Help to realize festival projects.

   Make the idea of social advertising be popular among young people.



~        Search of new ideas and efficient solutions in creation of social advertising.

~        Exchange of experience with leading universities and professional individuals in the field of advertising.

~        Reward of the most prominent projects in social advertising.

~        Creation of conditions to place the festival works in ATL and BTL.

4 stages of the festival:
1. Enlistment and preliminary selection of festival works.

2. Expert assessment of festival works.

3. Awards of winners, works exhibition, organization of educational master-classes and the concluding ceremony.

4. Post campaign.

Organization of jurys work

Juries take part in each nomination of Festival program. Their work is divided into 2 stages: at the first stage the members of jury team evaluate participants works. According to this evaluation the short-list is formed. Then juries determine winners in each nomination and if needed award Grand Prix.

Juries are formed by russian and foreign experts in the field of social and commercial advertising.

Selection of works

Grand Prix

Grand prix is defined by juries opinion and is awarded to the best work regardless of the format or of the topic.


Juries select works that will form the short-list and awards 1, 2 and 3 places in each nomination. If quantity or quality of submitted works doesnt comply with the Festival standards the work cannot  be awarded.


Every concerned person regardless of age and place of residence has right to participate this Festival. The participation is free. The works are divided into 3 groupes:

-school projects (GreenLight)

-student projects and unrealized ideas (I have a dream)

-realized projects (Best Practice)

In the event that participant submits to the festival the realized project, juries have right to request the additional information about this campaign in order to make the decision about the category.

Also some partner cases can be shown beyond the competition program.


  1. Ecology of the region.
  2. Prevention of dope addiction, smoking, alcoholism and game addiction.
  3. Prevention of AIDS\HIV
  4. Family problems.
  5. Tolerance.
  6. Volunteering
  7. Health and sport.
  8. Power engineering.
  9. Children.
  10. Problems of young people.
  11. Cultural heritage .
  12. Secure Internet to children.
  13. Free topic.


Video advertising

Video and animated commercials for any TV or video portables (except works done especially for the placement in the Internet)

All the works must be submitted in avi/mpg/wmv/mov formats. You should enclose also the screenshots to each commercial min 768x567 dpi in JPEG format at least 5 screenshots to each video.

Print advertising

Printing units for newsapers and magazines, leaflets, posters, POS-materials, illustrations, multipage editions, photos.

All the works mus be submitted in JPEG/PDF format at least 1000x1000p. Use of vector formats and bitmapped fonts is interdicted


Banners, cross street banners, transport advertising, city formats, special constructions.

All works must be submitted in JPEG/PDF format at least 1000x1000p. Use of vector formats and bitmapped fonts is interdicted.  It is necessary to enclose some examples of advertisement placement in the city.

Radio advertising

All works must be submitted in MP3 format, 19 Kbit/s with enclosed scenario of the commercial written in Russian in MicrosoftWord document.


The works are submitted in format of Power Point presentation or PDF format with the describtion of aims and objectives of this campaign, realization plan, photos from the spot of the event and achieved results (in the event that the campaign was realized).

Internet advertising

Websited, banners, presentations, applications, campaigns in social networks.

Websites.You should point out the link to the website (in the column Name of the work) with enclosed screenshots of the front page and  inner pages in JPEG. It depends on the quality of the material whether the work will be accepted to the festival.

Banners must be submitted in independent GIF or SWF (Flash) file. You should supply also screenshoots in JPEG format and the link to the website where this banner is placed. The date of placement should be written in column Describtion.

Games and applications must be submitted in SWF (Flash) format or Java with links to websites where these works are placed. Separately you should supply sceenshotd in the JPEG format with the describtion written in Russian in MicrosoftWord document. Games that need registration are not accepted without passwords.

Campaigns in social networks must be submitted as PowerPoint presentation or PDF-file with the link to the website of the campaign, with the describtion of aims and objectives, realization plan, screenshots of important pages and achieved results.

New Media (digital, ambient)

Works must be submitted  as PowerPoint presentation or PDF-file with the describtion of aims and objectives of this campaign, justification of the innovative side of your project, photos from the spot and achieved results (in the event that the campaign was realized).


Slogan, advertising article.

Works must be submitted in MicrosoftWord document.

Integrated campaigns

Campaigns held with the help of different media (more than 2).

Works must be submitted a PowerPoint presentation or PDF format with the describtion of aims and objectives, specificity of media placement, realization plan, justification of efficiency, photos from the spot and acheived results (in the event that the campaign was realized).

Commercial advertising

To participate with works designed and implemented with the participation by the students or by the order of commercial organizations no later than 15 June 2012. Work must be submitted in one of the formats (audio and video, video clip, script, design, creative concept, copywriting) accompanied by confirmation of the sale. Technical requirements for works similar to those for social categories.

      Street art
It is possible to take part in competition in real-time conditions. This nomination includes works made in graffiti style.

Terms of participation

  1. Quantity of submitted entries is unlimited.
  2. Each entry constitutes to one single work even if it is serial. In this case in the column Name of the work you should note that it means series.
  3. Filledb entry form and work is sent to the e-mail: limefestival@gmail.com in RAR or ZIP archive. In case of exceeding  10 Mb limit or if you did not receive the confirmation that the letter was delivered you can place this archive on ftp or on the sharing service like rapidshare and send the link to limefestival@gmail.com.
  4. Every participant, who send his work to festival, get a login and password to personal profile on www.limefestival.ru, and can make there personal portfolio of social advertising.

Content requirements.

Juries have right to reject work that shows violence, syringes, process of preparing drugs or use profanity or domination of black color. In case of  plagiarism the work will be removed from the competition and placed at our website with the note plagiarism and link to the original idea.


The entries are submitted since 1 of March  till 15 of April. You can find the entry form and all the information needed on our website www.limefestival.ru.


Winners are awarded with diplomas of the Festival and valuable prizes from the Festival and its Partners.


  1. Compliance with the category of the Festival.
  2. Originality of an idea.
  3. Quality of design.


Exhibition and concluding ceremony.

Placement of winners works at the websites of the Festival and its inaormational partners.


Organizers of the Festival have right to use and place participants works and short-list in any materials initiated by organizing commitee of the Festival.

Winners works and short-list cannot be used by partners of the Festival without any link to its website www.limefestival.ru.



Organizing commitee

President of Festival
Guzella Nikolayshvili
Director of Festival
Sergey Dolgov

Address: Russia, Moscow, Kochnovski proezd, 3.
Phone: +7 (495) 152-12-81
Fax: +7 (495) 152-03-01
Official website: www.limefestival.ru
Official facebook: www.facebook.com/limefest
Email for participants: limefestival@gmail.com